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Baa, baa, black sheep, Have you any w...
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Reusable zip top ice pop pouch 18s


Pregnancy and Birth magazine

May/June 2010 - Love us!


Mother and Baby May 2010 love our

Medibuddy and Natural Insect Repellent Wipes












and also our Create it Canvas kit

featured in their 20 things for twins

as this kit comes with paint and 2 x


 nuby_nibbler_weaning_essential.jpg  wean_machine_weaning_essential.jpg

February 2010

Weaning tools!

Practical Parenting love our

Nuby Nibbler and Shop4Kids love

our Wean Machine  


Two great weaning tools








Practical Parenting Aug 09

Loved our long sleeve bibs 

small or large


shop4kids_spring_09_dino stilts 


Shop4Kids Spring 09

Loved our Dino Stilts

(pictured left) and

our Blue Boat shoes

(pictured right)

Baa, baa, black sheep, Have you any w...
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Mum2Mum sleeve bibs - small & large

4myearth wraps and pockets reusable for years   Zipzicles reusable icy pole pouches         

Full range of Mum2Mum bibs including Sleeve




Zipzicles icy pole pouches             



Wooden toys

 are what most of us grew up with.  A certain sense of nostalgia and quality surrounds

wooden toys

.  Quality is not always there however, so in most cases you get what you pay for is true with

wooden toys

.   At The Kids Depot we try to offer quality products at reasonable prices and that includes our

wooden toys

.  Plan is probably the most famous wooden toy manufacturer with a reputation for stylish quality and durable

wooden toys

.  At The Kids Depot we do stock other brands of

wooden toys

 also, but only ones which do make the grade.  We ask that the timber for the

wooden toys

 is from a sustainable source that non toxic paints are used in the making of the

wooden toys

 and that all safety standards have been reached. 

Wooden toys

 last the distance in design also, a child can have finished finding the

wooden toy

 a challenge but it still looks good on the bookcase in the child’s bedroom.   

Wooden toys

 come in all shapes and sizes from traditional building blocks to train sets and musical instruments.  There is something special about a

wooden toy

, something plastic does not give you or the child, and as such

wooden toys

 will remain a childhood memory for generations to come.  At The Kids Depot you can find wooden toys by typing

wooden toys

 in our search box or under the age range or price range in our search section.