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Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How l wo...
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Reusable zip top ice pop pouch

Originally from the UK I moved to Perth, WA in 1997.   I enjoyed a 20 year career in Insurance followed by a sea-change to Busselton, South West WA in 2005.  My eldest son was born shortly after - life had changed forever!   New baby, new town, no shops...:-(  My mothers group liked some soft sole shoes and a long sleeve bib that I had found, and it grew from there!   Now back in Perth again after 10 years in the country, life has changed yet again!

Shopping with a baby wasn't easy and toy shopping with a toddler is just about impossible!   I set up the website in 2007 as an easier place to shop, on your own and in your own time.   My aim is to have quality products at reasonable prices, not budget, not boutique - somewhere in between!  I stock things I have either found useful for our family, wished I had found earlier or will use in the future.   When my second son was born in 2011 I found lots of new products, I am constantly looking for great things to offer our lovely customers.

Product queries are welcome, so if there is something you cannot find, or have a list of toys your playgroup or toy library needs, then please contact me and I will try to help. 

If you have a query or feedback on products or the website please email me julia@thekidsdepot.com.au or if you urgently need to contact me on 0400 210468 (WA time!).    As well as the website I now run a product agency business and also import and distribute Zipzicles and Imp Prints Australia wide.

Happy shopping!

Julia Clifton


Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How l wo...
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Ice Zip Pop holders 


 snack_and_play_travel_tray.jpg  Bento Box Aqua - also in Pink and White   Zipzicles reusable icy pole zip pop pouch        imp_prints_washable_paint_swabs.jpg  Slider and Burger silicone presses     
Neoprene Ice Pop holders

Full range of Mum2Mum bibs

   Travel Tray    The BentoBox lunch box

 Zipzicles reusable Icy Pole pouches 

  Imp Prints

 Slider & Burger Slabs

When a new baby arrives it is a wonderful thing.  Most of us want to find the perfect

newborn gift

.  Many consider a great

newborn gift

 to be a teddy bear or other cuddly item.  Other consider

newborn gifts

 to be practical items the parents may need such as clothing.  All of us agree that

newborn gifts

 are individual to the family concerned.  There are many things to consider when choosing a

newborn gift

.  Is this the first child, if so the choice of

newborn gift

 is endless, if this is the second child in the family then the parents may have all the practical things necessary.  If the baby is a different gender then pink or blue things become the perfect

newborn gift

.  The new parents may not tell you what they need so choosing a

newborn gift

 can be hard but we hope to make things a little easier at The Kids Depot.  We have a

newborn gift

 section and also you are able to find

newborn gifts

 in our search by price or brand section.   We know there are many factors in choosing that perfect

newborn gift

 so we are there to help if needed. 

Newborn gifts

 come in many shapes, sizes and budgets…and best of all we can wrap

newborn gifts

 for you and send on to the little bundle of joy if you are unable to give the

newborn gift